Hi! I’m Arno, web designer and front-end developer based in Belgium.

What I can do for you.

  • Brand Identity.

    I design and create logos, develop graphic guidelines, and establish visual communication strategies to define your brand.

  • UX & UI Design.

    Through thoughtful UX and UI design, efficient wireframing, and prototyping, I develop a user interface that closely aligns with your brand.

  • Web Development.

    As a front-end developer, I specialize in responsive design, SEO optimization, and hosting solutions.

  • Photography.

    I offer photography and video services to create supporting and relevant content for your website or social media.

About me.

I’m a web designer and front-end developer based in Belgium. I’ve been crafting websites for web agencies and as a self-employed professional since 2017. I love starting my projects from scratch, as it allows me to unleash my creativity without any boundaries.

Arno Van de Vijver


Since 2017, I have worked with both local and international companies.

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